Using Bluetooth Low Energy Beacons to do contact tracing

CloseToMe Android BLE library

The idea behind the library

with Kotlin flavor and ignoring Protobuf pros and cons!

some quick notes that might comes handy for beginners


val immutableName: String = "Mohsen"var mutableName: String = "Mohsen"
var mutableName = "Mohsen"
var nullableName: String? = null

Using Framer for Android prototyping

What is Framer?

The familiarity of visual editing with the flexibility…

a technical community on Slack

Join Android Developers Mansion on Slack — Invitation
  • please enter your email address
  • enter “android” as invite token
  • and then check your mailbox for invitation link from Slack.

JetBrains JVM Debugger Memory View plugin

JetBrains JVM Debugger Memory View plugin

What is the plugin about?

What is the problem exactly?

  • showErrorOnOffline()
  • showErrorOnServiceNotResponding()
  • showErrorOnUnableToParseResult()
  • showErrorOnNoResponse()
  • and we know that there could be more…

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Test, Test, and Test… Why?

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RxJava is a revolution, truth or fiction!

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Let’s get into network and API:

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